How do I access quizzes in student dashboard

After  loging in or signing in to Student dashboard, goto Exam Series -> Click to change your preferences -> Student can Enable Exam categories which he prefers, then student will get quizzes under selected categories.

You can also access your categories by clicking top right down arrow, and go to settings

How does ZIMSAKE protect quiz cheating

ZIMSAKE encourages students to practice high level of justice when it come to conducting exams on this platform inorder to get maximum benefit. Our system however come with the following to minimize cheating. 

  1. cheating on the test paper, for eg: Grouping
    • Shuffle Questions within Subject
  2. Shuffling
    • Option wise Shuffling Test Options
    • Mandatory to attempt all the questions
    • Allow user to move back and forward
  3. Time Settings
    • Section wise time
    • Automize time for all questions in a test

Will my data on ZIMSAKE be kept Private

Yes, the uploaded data on ZIMSAKE WEBSITE will be secured. The data stored in terms of credentials, tests, products, etc. will be restricted and secured to any external threat. All the data is stored in Encrypted form.

ZIMSAKE encourages all their users never to share their credentials with anyone.

Can I upgrade from a Free Trial account to a paid account

Yes you can easily upgrade from a Free Trial account to a paid account (monthly, termly and anually). This enables you to access all the resources. For upgrading your account, you can follow the below mentioned steps; Option : Dashboard >> Subscription >> Upgrade >> Select the account >> Make Payment !

Contact for any help concerning this!

How do I create an account?

To create an account  signup or register if you already have an account login or sign in. An account is created as a student or as a parent. You need to verify the account using the link sent to your email upon registration in order to login. So it is important to use a valid email otherwise you will not be able to login.

To acess resources and tackle different quiz tests, login as a stdent. A parent can only manage his or her childrent and subscribe for resources on their behalf. Parents can also view quiz results and analysis for their children using a parent account.

To change account type, parent to student or student to parent, contact the administrator.

How to download invoice upon payment or account upgrade

You can download PDF and export to mail a copy of the purchased order. You can follow the below mentioned steps to download a copy of the generated invoice against your payment; Go to settings >> Payments >> Action >> Download PDF

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