Reasons why schools are not ready to open before the corona virus pandemic is over.

schools opening | Posted On 03 Jun 2020
Reasons why  schools are not ready to open before the corona virus pandemic is over.

Many countries are advovating for the  opening of schools in stages during this period of coronavirus pandemic. The big questions that remains unanswered is: Are schools ready to open during the pandemic period.

I feel that schools are not ready to open during this period because there are areas that need to be addressed in order to be safe while learning. The following are some of them.

1) Book Sharing - With most schools using physical books, it then means that schools should switch to digital books to avoid virus transmission. It is a sad reality that most schools in Africa do not have sufficient resources to enable each student to study without sharing. The question is how many countries in Africa have proper elearning platforms, such as elibraries and online video class platform?

2) Digitizing operations - There are day to day activities that call for physical involvement in a way, such as assignment submission, assignment marking and group discussions. This then call for schools to digitize these so that physical contact is minimized as much as possible.

3) Sitting Arrangement and student teacher ratio - Changes in sitting arrangements means student teacher ratio will also change. Most classrooms support a fixed number of students.

4)Proper Sanitizing - Many schools (especially private schools) are promising to implement many measures such as frequent temperature checks, hand sanitizing and face masks to ensure that students and staff will be safe as schools open. This is good. They however have to take note of other areas too, for example number of toilets and frequency of their cleaning, number of water sources at schools premises, number of uniform sets 

#Let us face the reality here, most of the suggestive areas above still need to addressed.

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